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9th May



Zoology For Martians can best be described as a revolutionary concept album that provides
a soundtrack to evolution itself. Listen as it gently glides you through a magical journey from cell to primate, fusing a raregroove, jazz funk, soul cocktail of lush chords and goosebumpy grooves. With
a gentle tip of the hat to classic instrumental jazz funk soul albums of the 70s you will expect to hear shimmers of Herbie Hancock, Freddie Hubbard, Don Blackman, George Duke and many more.

Zoology for Martians is an album that was conceived in a few days after Carl had returned home from a lengthy tour with platinum selling artist Professor Green. Over the past year he has brought this project to life by enlisting the heavyweight skills of fellow Digisoul band members … Read More »

Shire – Beg U Not to Go – Soulpersona Chameleon Remix

1st October

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Review courtesy of SoulCuts

The original version of Shire‘s (pronounced Sha-ray, don’t you know??!?!) Beg U Not to Go was undoubtedly a heavy tune. Perhaps not 100% up Mr SoulCuts scrumptious alley, but the vocals were so strong that my ears had been well and truly pricked, if perhaps my booty wasn’t shaken. Regardless, the Baltimore chanteuse was earmarked by Mr SoulCuts as one to watch (for whatever that’s worth!).

Fast-forward a few months and in breezes producer/artist/remixer extraordinaire, SoulP, with a delicious soulful R&B remix of Beg U Not to Go that has Mr SoulCuts happier than a batch of cakes (no ordinary fairy cake shizzle, mind, strictly artisan, thick frosted moist morels, replete with a head-noddingly divine sticky green centre). SoulP has taken Shire‘s original crunkified cut and injected a heavy dose of … Read More »

You Did it Again (Extended Pleasure Remix) – Soulperfreesia

22nd September

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A special extended pleasure mix of You Did it Again, taken from the forthcoming 80′s inspired album collaboration from Soulpersona and Princess Freesia. Available on iTunes and all good digital music stores. Album due October 2012.

“True to form, the pair take us on a soulful journey through disco, funk and raregroove delivering an eight-minute plus jam of the highest order!”

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How Can I? Soulpersona & Jocelyn Brown

11th August

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“How Can I” Is the new bonus summer single from Jocelyn Brown & Soulpersona. This soulful/raregroove head nodder was produced by SoulP 10 years ago, whilst working with Jocelyn as her personal assistant. The “How Can I” hook was originally made up one morning at her kitchen table, and the rest, 10 years later with a bit of help from Princess Freesia, who also appears on background vocals.

In the words of SoulP:

“This is one of the first songs I wrote for Jocelyn, I remember playing it in her house and she would sing all over it and every time and I’d be completely blown away. Miss Brown came up with that brilliant chorus hook “How Can I” which has stuck in my head for years, so i’m so happy to finally get it finished! … Read More »


24th June




Fresh (or Freesh) from the success of her collaborations with Soulpersona, Princess Freesia releases her eagerly anticipated debut album “The Rainbow Ride” a luscious and lavish collection of soul / jazz / raregroove gems, all written and produced by the lady herself!

We’re proud to present Princess Freesia (A native Australian) who has been living and recording in the UK under the same roof as producer Soulpersona, whom she collaborated with on the highly acclaimed concept album “The Lapdancer” in 2011, which reached Number One status in The Solar Sweet Rhythm Charts and The UK Soul Chart for a number of weeks.

Princess Freesia who is also an active member of The Digisoul Band has also worked as background vocalist for Leon … Read More »

Neo Terra – Soulpersona feat. Neil Waters


29th April

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Exclusively available on the Digisoul Bandcamp page, Soulpersonas version of Neo Terra, inspired by the Freddie Hubbard version features the slick skills of Digisoul’s resident trumpet player Neil Waters.

Neo Terra feat. Neil Waters by Soulpersona

Released 29 April 2012
Produced & Arranged by Soulpersona
All trumpet parts by Neil Waters
Rhodes, Piano, Drums, Strings & Synth Programming by Soulpersona

Here’s a nice review from Soulcuts

“Mr SoulCuts can’t hide his admiration for Soulpersona. While he may be prolific, via his own work and countless fresh remixes for other artists, Soulpersona never skimps on the quality. Each production and remix is stamped with a pedant’s attention to detail, yet combined with a music lover’s passion for the material. The result is always a groove thicker (yet decidedly tastier) than a … Read More »

Nothing Matters – Deborah Bond – Soulpersonas Raregroove Remix


15th March

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Hot on the heels of Deborah Bonds masterpiece “ Madam Palindrome” album, Soulpersona gets in his time machine and takes it back to the 1980‘s for a supa soulful raregroove workout…(drop socks and headbands not included)

“I can honestly say this is one of my absolute favorite remixes released so far. The vibe, the groove, it is very much in Deborah Bond funk/soul fashion! Soulpersona took his stamp and put it all over this one. I am too excited about this collaboration and I’m ready for more!”Deborah Bond

Here’s what they had to say over on Soulcuts:

“Following on from last year’s release, Deborah has recruited DIGISOUL head honcho Soulpersona to remix one of Madam Palindrome’s best tracks, the funky chugger, Nothing Matters. In SoulP’s hands, the … Read More »

Princess Freesia – The HOXXXY Demos

25th February

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Digisoul proudly presents Princess Freesia prequel album, “The Hoxxxy Demos” out now on iTunes and all digital download stores.

“Most of these demos are what made me want to work with Princess Freesia when I first found her music in 2005. The musical arrangements and melodies are out of this world, and her lyrical content is not from this planet. I can categorically say there is no other artist quite like Princess Freesia. I hope these songs will blow your mind as they did mine when I first heard them!” Soulpersona- Digisoul

Recorded over eight years, ‘The Hoxxy Demos’ presents the sound of an artist grappling with the mystical tools of music making and delivering some undeniably soulful nuggets in the process. Armed only with a MacBook, a deep bag of soul and a wad of … Read More »

She Is (The Remixes) Soulpersona & Princess Freesia

25th January

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Announcing the first single ‘She Is’ from The Lapdancer album, with remixes from Soulpersona, Princess Freesia, Nick Van Gelder, Punk Pappa and TUKKA. Here’s a few words from SoulP about the release:

Everyone who remixed this song, is also a very close friend of mine, which I think makes it an even more special creation, here’s some background to each producer behind the remix.

Nick van Gelder
Nick is a wonderful multi instrumentalist, that man plays EVERYTHING! His remix of “She Is” is produced with live instruments all played by him. Laced with an hypnotic drum break and swirling Moog lines makes this remix is hotter than the hinges of hell!… Look out for his forthcoming album “Groovitas” coming soon on Freestyle Records. You can hear more of Nicks music on his soundcloud. … Read More »

Princess Freesia – Walkin in a Winter

10th December

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Celebrate your (next) Christmas the Freesian way with her atmospheric slow-burner Walkin’ in a Winter. You’ve got your Norwegian spruce up, your mulled wine on the hob, and now you’ve got the christmas soundtrack you’ve been bothering father christmas for!

In her own unmistakable words:

“I was challenged to pen a new Crimbo Crackerbon and came up with this sensual stellarsonic whilst drawing from the old besotted “Walking In A Winter Wonderland”… the result was pepper-peeper pleasin’ for the festive sleazin’

“Walkin’ In A Winter”, is available to purr-chase NOW! Grab your cheeky chortlin’ copy from iTunes on the swift robin and have yourself a Merry Little HOXXXmas, haha!”

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